The Binah Comics & Solilians 7-Inch Package is out now!

September 30, 2016



The Binah Comics & Solilians 7-Inch Package is out now!


The Binah Comics, a graphic novel Illustrated by Ian Densford and Written by Ben Malkin, is an intergalactic super-powers tale sans violence, about a woman sick of all the insanity and nuclear posturing surrounding her homeland. Ambient psych band Solilians (made up of Neptune Sweet, J Cep, Gabriel Walsh, and Ben Malkin) created an atmospheric Vinyl 7-inch meant to be the perfect sonic ecosystem to inhabit while reading the comic. You can purchase them separately or together, although they are meant to be a package/beautiful collectors item.


Please click here to hear the A-Side of the 7-inch:




Please click here to buy The Binah Comics & Solilians 7-inch Vinyl package for $10:



 Please click here to buy solely The Binah Comics graphic novel for $6:


 And please click here to buy solely the Solilians 7-inch (with digital downloads) for $5:






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