Press for Shin

December 27, 2016

"... a dream laden , slow motion drone that stretches out like a mirage fuelled ride through a burning lost horizons to the soul mixed with haunted vocals and a rich musical atmosphere that takes you deep within the mysteries, the sound pure and lingering long in your memory, psychedelic and very beautiful. " - Simon Lewis, Terrascope : To read full review please click here: Terrascope

"The soothing "Lamedvavniks," spiritual trombone-tinged "Hine Ma Tov"...and submerged "Planet Binah" stretch to epic lengths, suggesting a solitary sojourn through a serene solar system. Those three, along with the heavenly "Hatikvah: The Next Generation"... cement Shin as a soul-purifying inner peace producing pleasure." - Mark Suppanz, The Big Takeover: To read full review please click here: The Big Takeover

" ....from drone/ambient, slowcore electronica to Mediterranean flavored moments throughout. ..Solilians take the listener on a journey through beautiful, ethereal landscapes that ought not be missed." - Jason, Somewherecold : To read full review please click here: Somewherecold

Solilians interview in Vents Magazine - To read full Interview please click here: Vents Magazine

" In short, this is album unlike anything you’ve heard this year, or any year for that matter. It is a fascinating and demanding work, but one that will reward you with repeated listens. Well worth seeking out for fans of international space rock laced with ambient dream pop." - Elizabeth Klisiewicz, Primal Music;  To read full review please click here: Primal Music

"- a playfully crooked minimalist murmur, a fog bound mysterio, a hymnal siren call visitation emerging from some would be Icelandic magic land draped dreamily in trip hopped mystic vibes that adore all in a transcendental calm, all at once wayward, way out and wonderfully woozy. " -  Mark Barton, the sunday experience; To read full review please click here: the sunday experience 

"In their latest effort, 2016's "Shin," shimmering electronic soundscapes echo through with hazy, dense vocals" taking "listeners on a cosmic voyage through the different textures that set the tone for the expanded sound" - The Deli; To read full article please click here: The Deli

"Solilians is not a band to be listened to as any typical group, but must be approached with open ears. Solilians are their own unique genre that is redefining music, and there is nothing else quite like them." - Ellie, indientry; To read full review please click here: indidentry 

"– a homage to Suicide’s Martin Rev and again another seductive slice of Icelandic ethereal beauty, this arriving adorably draped in dream tripping wisps of drone dazed demur" Mark Barton, the sunday experience; To read the full review please click here:  the sunday experience

Solilians interview in Performer Magazine - To read full Interview please click here: Performer Magazine

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