i heart noise fest ii - 12-10-2022

• 11:00pm - Jim White and Marisa Anderson (Thrill Jockey Records)

• 10:00pm - Wet Tuna (Three Lobed Recordings)

• 9:15pm - Solilians (I Heart Noise Records and Goodbye Better)

• 8:30pm - Skyjelly (Doom Trip Records, Eggs in Aspic and I Heart Noise Records)

• 7:45pm – More Klementines (Feeding Tube Records and Twin Lakes Records)

• 7:00pm - I Feel Tractor (Goodbye Better and City Lights Books)

Marisa Anderson and Jim White Jim White and Marisa Anderson share an abounding appetite for musical exploration. White, as a member of Venom P Stinger, Dirty Three, and Xylouris White, is well known for his creative and idiosyncratic drumming. His singular abilities have also led to collaborations with Cat Power, PJ Harvey, and Bill Callahan among others. Anderson’s prolific output as a solo performer, her mastery of traditional folk and blues forms and her abilities to make them entirely her own has established her as one of the most exciting and forward-thinking guitarists of the last decade. White and Anderson’s considerable technical skills are used in the most inventive and unconventional manner on their debut duo recording, The Quickening (Thrill Jockey Records). The duo’s friendship and shared explorative nature inform these warm and daring improvisations. The Quickening’s remarkable performances take the listener on a journey of exuberant discovery. • Wet TunaThe kaleidoscopic sonic agriculture of Wet Tuna has long inhabited its own universe. Over the past five years, they have established themselves as one of the most forward thinking and anarchic of the many groups rethinking and reconceptualizing the notion of the “jam band,” all the while frustrating critical attempts to slot the group’s music into any scene, sound, or easily classifiable genre fad.For Wet Tuna’s latest, "Warping All By Yourself," (Three Lobed Recordings) Matt “MV” Valentine— aided by longtime collaborators Samara Lubelski, Erika “EE” Elder, Mick Flower and Doc Dunn—…Continuing the ‘Tuna’s m.o. of homegrown, dubwise psychedelia that eternally pivots on the edge of chaos and funk…The kinetic, psychedelic, and downright fun "Warping All By Yourself" serves as further proof that the most visionary, truly original American art continues to be made on the margins. Don’t sleep—get Wet! -James Toth, 2022 Solilians American Klezmische, Solilians new EP on I Heart Noise Records and the second in the In the Running Series, fuses the spirits of Kosmische, Klezmer and Americana, like "... a dream laden, slow-motion drone that stretches out like a mirage fueled ride through a burning desert. "- Simon Lewis, Terrascope… “For fans of dreamy psych & hypnosis-inducing drone." - Growls & Shrieks…“The psychedelic krautrockers’ banjo-laden…magnetizing meditations that cause a trance-like sensation with its repetitive flow and a hypnotic clawhammer banjo riffs" – Turn Up the Volume & Wormhole World • Skyjelly “Boston’s Skyjelly are a band who appreciate how a bit of lo-fi entropy fits into their songs…multilayered psychedelia. Looped claps, drums, and shakers craft a fiery groove and rugged guitars interleave slyly. Echoed and barely intelligible vocals…searing guitar solo melts your face right off. Think a Butthole Surfers’ wig out executed with William Onyeabor’s lo-fi funk aesthetic.” – The Quietus “…some wonderfully psych moments, some flashes of krautrock and jazz, some exotic ethnic flourishes, some explosive post-punk and some indie sensibilities…This is really one hell of a trip! – Dayz of Purple and Orange • More Klementines “Imagine maybe a little German (in an early Popul Vuh way) and a little rural (ala MV at his most Spectraphonoc) interwoven with deeply tripped passages that put me in mind of very early hybridized folk/psych instrumental action on albums like A Cid Symphony, Gene Estribou’s Intensifications and even Malachi’s Holy Music. It’s a heady goddamn float. And the harder you listen, the deeper you sink. -Byron Coley •

I Feel Tractor Garage folk prophecy from New York City from City Lights Author Eddie Berrigan and company. • About IHN We're a blog and a label that's been active since 2008 (aka Myspace era). We put out records by Bill Whitten (St. Johnny / Grand Mal) and reissued both albums by cult Boston alt-rockers Turkish Delight among other things. We also interviewed countless musicians including Lee Ranaldo, Kristin Hersh, Thor Harris and Dylan Carlson and covered festivals like Moogfest, Northside and Big Ears. We hope you'll join us in celebration at Pete's Candy Store on December 10! ·

IHN Fest II Press Release - Final 11-5-22
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